Design process


Custom designing skis and boards

There are 3 mayor design elements when designing a ski or a board.

– The form of the ski/board, eg. width, lenght, radius, bootcenter, nose and tailform.

– The core, how it flexes, where it flexes and how stiff or soft, light or damp it is, and

– The profile of the base. Rocker, flat, camber, nose and tail.

Designing skis and boards is no perfect science. There is no such thing as the perfect board that fits all. What works for one can be a total fail for someone else. That is why all the pros have their own models. As a matter of fact, the two of us here at WoodCouture design our own skis very differently. And that is the whole point. We believe that the best ski or board is designed to fit. By mixing these 3 design elements you can get an enormous amount of different type skis/boards. We want you to have the possibility to get the perfect ski or board for you. And don’t worry, you don’t have to be a skidesigner yourself to order from us. We will take care of the designing business, but we do need a little help from you. We need to know as much as possible about your way of riding. Where do you ride, your length, weight, expert or newbie, style of riding, pow or pist, cliffs or rails? The more you can tell us the better. And if you have some specific design ideas on your own – well, throw them in!
Most of the tools we use in making skis and board are designed and built by us. And they are built to be easy to change, to fit any odd idea of yours.

Wooden skis

Many people ask us why we build wooden skis and boards and if they are as good as ”normal” ones.
Well, our skis and boards are built with a laminated fiber reinforced woodcore. As are all modern skis and snowboards. We like to finish of our skis and boards with a beautiful wood veneer instead of  grafics printed on plastic, but underneath the grafic layer, all skis and boards, also the “normal” ones, are made with wood.

A typical ski or board made by us will be built like this:

From top to bottom

Wood veneer grafic layer
Vulcanized rubber
Steel edges
P-tex base material

The grafic layer is without structural purpose. And we are happy to work with you if you want something else than wood. Printed plastic, handpainted cloth, wallpaper, leather or what ever your heart desires!

Design process

Our skis and boards are handmade from start to finish. We start with drawing a 1:1 model using specially designed rulers. By doing it in 1:1 instead of in a computer we can ”test” it in the shop. We stand on it, simulating it flying down a slop, sketch different types of nose and tail forms, try grafics, check the lines and transitions etc.
When we are happy with the design, it is cut out and used as a template for the bases. The wood for the core is selected and handpicked by us to secure the highest quality. Most of our cores are built with verticaly laminated birch wood. Other spieces are sometimes mixed in to get certain effects. The cores are profiled within a tolerance of 0.1 mm to get the right flex and popp.
The base profile is built in the press with different nose and tail forms and camber and rocker molds.
When everyting is set, the ski/board is layed up and pressed, using snowsport specific, eco friendly and sustainable, epoxy. Since we usually don’t use plastic tops, our skis and boards are varnished to protect them. All sporting goods get banged up when used and ours are built to be used. But varnished ones, compared to plastic, can get buffed or revarnished to keep them looking good.

Call us or mail us to order. Or if you are in Copenhagen, come by our shop for a coffee and a chat. After all, that is where the adventure begins. Talking about riding and dreaming about deeds to come!